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Cytta Corp. Highlighted in Wealth Builder Publishers Recent Analysis

Cytta Corp. Highlighted in Wealth Builder Publishers Recent Analysis

In the Microcap Manifesto Series that came with your subscription, we talk about the perfect setup for getting rich with a Microcap.



The series outlines certain characteristics to look for–like a big Total Addressable Market (TAM), fat margins and easy scalability.



Combine those characteristics with good management and you have the right recipe for getting rich with a microcap.



Gary Campbell of Cytta just presented a company update webinar this morning and not only was the presentation inspiring–but it also serves as a good example of what we are looking for in a high-potential microcap.


The company offers several software products that interact with each other–so it’s got the margins and the scalability. Those products enable communications between different first responder organizations to keep the rest of us safe–and that means a large Total Addressable Market.



The company’s product line has been broken into several different complementary areas.



CyttaComms is dedicated to enabling first responders–like police, firefighters and search and rescue to communicate with each other–and communicate within their own organizations.


CyttaCares is a product category currently marketed for schools, but could also be used for churches, synagogues, sports venues and anywhere else where first responders might have to show up quickly to save lives.


CyttaComp stands for Cytta Compression–and it refers to the compression algorithm Cytta developed and is integrating with their products. This is also the technology Reticulate Micro is building their company around, primarily for the defense industry.



Cytta has developed unique products with great value that the world needs–especially now. The question is–how does this tiny company turn into a mega-cap powerhouse making its early investors wealthy in the process?

Gary answered that question in his webinar–and we can also see evidence of it in the press release that came out this morning detailing their newly announced partnership with Sweetwater Defense.



Getting your products exposed and accepted by the market can be a long uphill battle with millions spent on marketing and years devoted to building your brand–unless you take a big shortcut by finding a partner with all those things already.



Or even better–many partners.



Cytta’s partnership with Sweetwater is the latest release–but it isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last.


In May Cytta partnered with Safeware Government Security Solutions Division of Safeware Inc . As a fully authorized and approved partner, Cytta Corp’s products and services are now available under the Safeware Omnia Partners-legacy US Communities contracts.



This partnership means that Cytta’s products are now available to 310,000 agencies at the Federal, State, County, and Municipal levels without the need for these organizations to conduct time-consuming sourcing. Safeware has already negotiated with Cytta on behalf of these agencies, making it easy for management to quickly acquire Cytta’s suite of products.



Safeware is a BIG marketing partner–getting Cytta’s products to thousands of potential customers.

Another, even bigger marketing partner, is ATT’s FirstNet Ecosystem of Applications–which made Cytta’s products available to all First Responders in America. FirstNet was formed by the Federal Government in February 2012. The Federal Government has since invested over 130 Billion dollars and 20 megahertz of broadband spectrum to AT&T to establish as a network for first responders–so being included and recommended by FirstNET is as big as it gets.



Plus Cytta is actively attracting technology partners to improve their products and increase their value–like the Technology Cooperation Agreement with Megh Computing announced back in April, and the deal back in March with FIZUAS (Flight Information Zone Unmanned Aerial Systems) to create CyttaAir for drone systems.


Cytta has put the pieces in place to grow quickly–and they will. But is there upside potential for investors here?

The stock is currently trading around 4 cents per share–with a microscopic 15.3 million dollar market valuation.

In contrast–Axon Enterprises (AXON)–a Nasdaq listed company that also serves the first responder market–trades at a 15.4 BILLION dollar valuation–in other words, one thousand times the value of Cytta.


So is there upside potential with Cytta? Yes–enough to make it an almost perfect case study for getting rich with a microcap.



We can even eliminate the word ‘almost’ and say it’s perfect–once it happens–but of course by then the stock will by far from 4 cents.



Keep up the good work,


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