Cytta Corporation

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The Leader In Advanced Video Streaming and Unified Communications Products

Our products deliver fast, secure, and extremely high-quality video + audio which
can be streamed to any device, anywhere and anytime.

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Improve Response and Resource Allocation

Remote Assistance For First Responders And Frontline Workers

Our cutting-edge products are vastly more efficient
in transmitting needed communication through remote voice and video
interactions anytime, and from anywhere to anyone

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Cytta’s IGAN (Incident Global Area Network) is an Advanced Incident
Command System that is a complete multiple-stream video and voice unified
comms solution for critical communications environments.

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Superior Utilization of Processing Resources

SUPR (Superior Utilization of Processing Resources) is a new paradigm in video
compression software technology, which enables HD, 4K, 8K and higher video streaming
in full and bandwidth-constrained environments.

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Streamline Inspections and Environmental Managment

Secure Video Sharing And Communications

Cytta’s IGAN and SUPR products empower field operators and remote inspectors to better receive
and manage inspections of power lines, oil and gas pipelines, and all other critical infrastructure.

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Emergency Management

Simplify Coordination And Response

When disaster strikes, Cytta’s products expedite multiple agency interaction by seamlessly allowing
teams to share real-time visibility with all remote decision makers and their teammates.

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CYTTA products and services deliver premium grade video streaming and unified
communications capabilities to mission critical applications – we are ideally suited for remote environments.
We give YOU eyes on all areas sourced from the ground and sky and fully integrated communications,
so teams see and hear what is in the field in real time.

Incident Global Area Network

IGAN is an advanced unified communications solution designed for first responders to consolidate multiple video and audio streams into a centralized Incident Command System (ICS).

Superior Utilization of
Processing Resources

SUPR is Cytta’s proprietary software product that delivers powerful encoding/decoding of all video streams. It enables HD, 4K and higher live video streaming even in the most bandwidth-constrained and remote environments in the world.



Next generation products bring many advantages of 4K+ wireless live video streaming and a centralized video/audio
interaction system to a variety of industries especially where transparency, accountability and environmental concerns are the main focus.


CYTTA The industry leader.

Cytta Corp (OTCPINK: CYCA) develops, markets and distributes proprietary technology that radically shifts how video is streamed,
consumed, transferred and stored. We have created advanced video compression, video/audio collaboration software,
and portable hardware systems that solve real world problems in large markets. Our solutions incorporate and promote a visionary
emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) that contributes to sustainability
and positive impact on our communities.

Learn how we can assist you and your team.

Cytta is dedicated to providing our core clients such as first responders, utilities,
 defense and specialized commercial users with impactful solutions.
Discover how our innovative products can make a meaningful difference in your enterprise.