Cytta Corporation

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The Leader in Advanced Streaming and
Integrated Communications

Fast, secure, and high resolution video + audio streamed and shared between
multiple devices, anywhere and anytime.

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Delivers Integrated Communications
for all First Responders

Creates an integrated communications platform that
enables seamlessly realtime sharing of remote video
and voice interactions among all participants.

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Incident Global Area Network

IGAN is an advanced incident command system delivering an
integrated communications platform, that seamlessly
streams and shares multiple video and voice channels in all
critical situations.

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Superior Utilization of Processing Resources

SUPR is a new paradigm in video compression software technology,
enabling HD, 4K, and 8K video streaming – even in
bandwidth-constrained environments.

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Streamline Inspections and
Environmental Management

Secure Realtime Video Sharing and Communications

Cytta’s products empower field operators and remote inspectors to better
review and manage inspections of power lines, oil and gas pipelines,
and all other critical infrastructure.

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Emergency Management

Simplify Coordination & Response

When disaster strikes, Cytta’s products enable and expedite seamless
interaction between multiple diverse teams by allowing all responding
agencies to share realtime integrated communications.

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SAAS Based, AI Powered Video/Audio Streaming
and Integrated Communications

CYTTA products and services deliver premium grade video streaming and integrated 
communications capabilities to mission critical applications – we are ideally suited
for remote environments. We give YOU eyes on all areas sourced from the
ground and sky and fully integrated communications, so teams see and
hear what is in the field in realtime.

Incident Global Area Network

Cytta’s SaaS Based IGAN Incident Command System system creates an integrated communications platform which seamlessly streams all available video and audio sources in all critical situations, enabling real time event and interactive mapping information.

Superior Utilization of
Processing Resources

SUPR, Cytta’s proprietary and AI powered compression technology is at the core of our products and is the most potent software codec commercially available. SUPR is explicitly designed for realtime streaming of HD, 4K, and higher resolution video while requiring only limited bandwidth and minimal computational resources.



Advanced video compression, video/audio collaboration solutions that solve real world problems. Our products enable and empower the world to consume and share realtime high quality video and audio anywhere and anytime.



Cytta Corp (OTCQB: CYCA) develops and distributes proprietary technology that radically shifts how video is streamed, consumed, transferred, and stored. We have created advanced video compression, video/audio collaboration software, and integrated hardware systems that solve real world problems in large markets. CYCA delivers long term stockholder value by selling our products to First Responders, Military, Utilities, and Commercial Enterprises that cater to those verticals.

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Cytta provides our core clients such as first responders, utilities,
defense and specialized commercial users with impactful solutions.
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