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CYTTACOMMS: Revolutionizing Drone Operations through Streamlined Communication and Coordination

CYTTACOMMS: Revolutionizing Drone Operations through Streamlined Communication and Coordination

The Evolution of CyttaComms


CYTTACOMMS, previously known as IGAN 2.0 AIMS (Actionable Intelligence Management System), is a landmark advancement in real-time communication. It’s not just a tool for video and audio streaming; it’s an entire software ecosystem, meticulously crafted to empower law enforcement officers and emergency response teams to communicate and collaborate in realtime, anywhere and anytime.



New Features: An Integrated Approach


The Software as a Service (SaaS)-based CYTTACOMMS Incident Command System has undergone significant enhancements. These new features allow for the collection and dissemination of real-time video and audio situational awareness. It concurrently serves as a real-time information collection and integration tool, making it a versatile and indispensable component in the toolkit of first responders.



DroneClear Protocol: A Cutting-Edge Innovation


Cytta’s CYTTACOMMS technology is the cornerstone of a new policing protocol called “DroneClear” and represents a quantum leap in building surveillance and breaching capability. Providing law enforcement officers and SWAT teams with real-time video feeds from small drones deployed internally, DroneClear enables advanced intelligence before entering any potentially perilous spaces.



CyttaCARES Initiative: Protection for Schools


Cytta Corp’s innovative CYTTACARES (Crisis Assistance and Response for Emergency Situations) initiative is another milestone. Seamlessly integrated into the CYTTACOMMS Toolkit for First Responders, CYTTACARES empowers school staff and administrators to act promptly in critical emergencies within school premises.



CYTTACARES offers a comprehensive system that includes real-time SOS alerts, rapid two-way secure video communication, and efficient response coordination with live location tracking for emergency response teams.



CYTTACARES is a game-changing solution that addresses the critical need for improved safety measures in educational settings. By leveraging advanced technology, this revolutionary system enables schools and educational institutions to proactively respond to emergency situations, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and faculty.



A Growing Network: Recent Installations


The newly announced installations in both the City of Victoria, Texas, and City of Hoover, Alabama Police Departments mark the most recent expansion of Cytta’s growing national network of connected First Responders. This move underscores the pivotal role CYTTACOMMS is playing in reshaping real-time intelligence gathering for first responders nationwide.



What Sets CYTTACOMMS Apart?


A Comprehensive Platform


CYTTACOMMS, with over ten years of development, offers a robust integration of various video streams, including drones, body cams, fixed cameras, and cell phones. This amalgamation of collaboration technology equips law enforcement officers with vital data, helping them make informed decisions on the spot.



Success Stories: A Proven Track Record


Recently, Dallas police used the CYTTACOMMS Drone Clear protocol to help capture a murder suspect, who had hidden inside a house. “We utilized the Drone Clear technique to put eyes in as much of the house as possible,” Dallas PD said, “We prevented any type of ambush on the officers and we were able to isolate the suspect in the house and make a successful apprehension, knowing we had safe spaces to work.”


CYTTACOMMS has also been utilized successfully in life and death scenarios, including hostage-taking, search-and-rescue, felony-in-progress, fugitive apprehension, building and home searches, and warrant-based apprehensions.


Cytta’s Vision: CEO’s Perspective


Cytta Corp CEO Cary Campbell’s enthusiasm for empowering the forward-thinking approach of these police departments is contagious. His goal of further expanding the network of departments utilizing Cytta’s technology, and also providing the same security for our schoolchildren, underscores the Company’s commitment to national safety and security.


Applications Beyond Law Enforcement: School Safety


The integration of the CYTTACOMMS platform within Police Departments also sets the stage for its inclusion in public and private schools through CYTTACARES (Crisis Assistance and Response for Emergency Situations) system. This ensures reinforced safety measures for school children, emphasizing Cytta’s humanitarian approach.


A Glimpse of the Future


Advanced Features


With additions like “advanced interactive mapping” and “AI intelligence” capabilities, and “Uplink” advanced drone management technology, CYTTACOMMS is more than a technological tool; it’s a transformational ecosystem of real-time communication and coordination.


Cytta’s Commitment


The multiple recent successful installations Nationwide symbolize Cytta’s dedication to supplying first responders with the resources they need. This progress represents a window into how real-time intelligence is reshaping the operation of emergency response teams.


Conclusion: A New Chapter in Real-Time Intelligence


CYTTACOMMS by Cytta Corp is not merely an enhancement to the first responders’ toolkit; it’s a catalyst for change, redefining the way intelligence is gathered in real time. With its unique features and successful applications, it’s shaping a future where efficiency, effectiveness, and human safety are intertwined, Cytta Corp is more than a provider; it’s a visionary leader in a dynamic safety and security marketplace, continually innovating and expanding its horizons to make our communities safer and more secure.

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