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Cytta Corp’s New School CARES Initiative – Revolutionizing Emergency Response in Education

Cytta Corp’s New School CARES Initiative – Revolutionizing Emergency Response in Education

By: N. Sokolova & G. Campbell


Natalia Sokolova leads the charge in ensuring school and family safety through innovative security technologies.


Cytta Corp (OTCQB:CYCA), a leading provider of emergency response systems, has introduced its groundbreaking CyttaCARES (Crisis Assistance and Response for Emergency Situations) SOS Application specifically for schools, and which can also be integrated into the pioneering CyttaComms Toolkit for First Responders. This transformative system empowers school staff and administrators to respond promptly and effectively to critical emergencies within school premises.


In today’s society, concerns about the safety of children in schools have reached an alarming level. According to a recent Pew Research Survey, one-third of parents report being “very worried” or “extremely worried” about the possibility of a shooting at their child’s school. These concerns are not unfounded, as school shootings in the USA in 2022 reached the highest number in two decades, with more than 611 mass shootings across the nation, resulting in over 6,000 children being killed or injured by gunfire.


To address this growing concern, Cytta Corp has developed CyttaCARES a user-friendly school SOS app that will be available for Apple and Google devices. This app enables school administrators and teachers to summon responders quickly and effectively in an emergency, providing them with an easy-to-use tool to enhance school safety.


The CyttaCARES system establishes an immediate link between school staff, School Resource Officers, and local law enforcement, enabling real-time video, audio, and text communication during crisis situations. By facilitating swift and efficient communication, CyttaCARES empowers response teams to assess the circumstances and take appropriate measures, potentially saving lives and minimizing damage.


The CyttaCARES system works harmoniously with existing school security systems, making it easily adaptable for implementation. The CARES app itself is user-friendly, allowing teachers and school administrators to download it onto their cell phones, tablets, or laptops. In an emergency, the teacher simply presses the emergency SOS icon, which triggers an alert within the CyttaCARES Network incorporating all designated school officials, resource officers, security officers and first responders. Simultaneously, the designated security officers and/or the local police or sheriff’s officers can interact with the alerting individual through video and audio communication. Furthermore, all other installed CARES applications within the school are also alerted, providing comprehensive situational awareness in real time.



The CARES app can also seamlessly integrate with the CyttaComms Toolkit for First Responders, establishing an instantaneous link between school staff, School Resource Officers, security officers and local law enforcement. Through real-time video, audio, and text communication, this connectivity enables the response teams to swiftly assess the circumstances and initiate appropriate measures, potentially saving lives and minimizing damage.


The statistics are staggering. In 2022 alone, more than 330 people were fatally shot or wounded on school grounds, and the overall number of fatal school incidents increased dramatically. Additionally, 129 federal, state, tribal, and local officers lost their lives in the line of duty. These figures highlight the urgent need for effective emergency response systems in educational institutions.


Natalia Sokolova, Cytta Corp’s President and Chief Operating Officer and a passionate advocate for school and children’s safety, is leading the charge in revolutionizing the use of security technologies to protect our children. Additionally, through her Family Office, Sokolova advocates for investment and development of new family safety and security technologies. As a mother of two school-aged children herself, she understands the importance of ensuring their safety and well-being.


The Cytta CyttaCARES system is not limited to educational institutions. Its features can benefit a wide range of establishments, including businesses, malls, public spaces, and places of worship, requiring rapid response to critical incidents. By providing instantaneous visual, audio, and text communication capabilities, the CARES app delivers crucial real-time intelligence to response teams, enabling decisive and prompt action.


Cytta Corp’s CyttaComms Toolkit for First Responders serves as the foundation technology for the CARES initiative. The CyttaComms toolkit includes video/audio integration software with AI connection capability, advanced video compression, and portable/SaaS hardware/software systems. The IGAN dashboard integrates all video and audio streams, facilitating collaborative interactivity while providing relevant and actionable information in real time.


CyttaCOMMS is a cloud based SAAS communication network and serves as a multifunctional tool for sharing real-time video, video/voice calls, and chat interaction. With its collaborative video, voice, chat, and media integration capabilities, CyttaComms simplifies the sharing and storage of critical real-time data, ensuring seamless communication during emergencies.


CyttaComms is a practical, valuable, and irreplaceable tool for various professionals, including police, firefighters, first responders, emergency medical workers, and security personnel, as well as their command centers during crises. It enables venues such as schools, malls, event venues, and religious locations to monitor their situations and immediately share data with law enforcement, enhancing overall safety and security.


As the visionary behind Cytta’s CyttaCARES innovative emergency initiative, Natalia Sokolova is establishing herself as a thought leader and advocate in the school and family safety arena. Her commitment to preventing, identifying, and stopping threats is driving the development of cutting-edge security technologies. With the CyttaCARES initiative, Sokolova and her team aim to put an end to the increasing number of brutal school shootings and ensure the safety and well-being of children across the nation.




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