Cytta Corporation

CYTTACOMP/SUPR is licensed to Reticulate Micro, Inc. ( from Cytta Corp, – exclusive, perpetual, worldwide.  Cytta is Reticulate’s largest shareholder.

CYTTACOMP/SUPR is an entirely unique, ground-up design for video compression that is vastly different from MPEG-based codecs. CYTTACOMP/SUPR performs exceptionally well in bandwidth-challenged environments where other video compression solutions cannot operate or do so poorly.


Reticulate Micro seeks to be a market-leading provider of mission-essential, highly efficient, and ultra-secure video compression and analytics technologies. Our hardware and software solutions are cloud-connected, coupling our proprietary video encoding algorithms with the latest advancements in edge computational density and transport ubiquity, delivering unprecedented video clarity to support decision-making.


Reticulate Micro builds and delivers video compression technologies designed to provide the highest quality and lowest latency video over any available transport, exploiting a proprietary algorithmic encoder methodology and security approach. This technology approach is manifested in an ecosystem of hardware and software-based platforms connected to public, private, and hybrid cloud systems to maximize advancements in artificial intelligence-based video analytics methodologies.


Reticulate Micro’s unique blend of algorithmic compression, data security, and virtualized infrastructure integration delivers immutable, verifiable, and trustworthy video data for military and first responder decision-makers, judicial systems, enterprise infrastructure monitoring and control, and general security solutions.

Data Generation is Outpacing Transport and Storage Capacity

Limited Transport

Even with the advent of and availability of high throughput transports, data generation is outpacing transport and storage capacity. An estimated 87% of current internet traffic is comprised of video-based content

Data Generation​

The generation of video-based and signal-based information has exponentially grown since the creation of the internet. Global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes within the next five years, up from 2 zettabytes in 2010 and 64.2 zettabytes in 2020

Deep Fakes​

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled the real-time manipulation of video and signal sensor information. Deepfake videos are a growing threat, costing companies up to $188 billion in cybersecurity solutions, according to Gartner 2022

Reticulate Micro Product Advantages

Secure Video

The end of Deep Fakes. Confidence in the authenticity of your video has real world consequences particularly in conflict zones, consulates, and the billions of commercial security cameras in daily use around the world.

Reduced Data Bandwidth Requirements

Users save money for high throughput or dedicated internet and satellite network access. This translates to measurable cost savings for our users.

Expedited Speed of Information

Mission-essential and critical video information is broadcasted quickly because it encodes at low latency. SUPR expedites decision cycles. This is a crucial advantage for first responders and military personnel.

Enhanced Power Efficiency

The least amount of power is required for the best video possible because of the low-processing algorithm of our proprietary SUPR algorithm. This is especially important in very limited SWaP (size, weight and power) environments, like UAVs.

Modular Architecture

Our products are designed with logical modularity in mind. This approach enables regular software updates over the period of SUPR product life, adding new capabilities and features requested by customers. This approach extends the product life cycle.

Dual-Use by Design

RM technologies support software nationally sensitive or potentially classified use cases and enable unrestricted commercial use.

Secure Supply Chains

RM products are designed to source core readily available technologies from nations within the NATO allies and their partners. Our products can also be regionally produced based on customer proximity, through a network of build to print contract manufacturers. Our aim is to ensure reliable component source alternatives.

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