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Incident Global Area Network

Mission critical communications composed of multiple streams of voice and video delivered in real-time,
and viewable by multiple parties over one unified secure comms system.


IGAN is a highly secure, advanced INCIDENT COMMAND SYSTEM (ICS) offering real-time, bidirectional
communications integrating multiple video and voice devices including video cameras, smartphones,
tablets, computers, and 2-way radios. IGAN resides in Cytta’s secure cloud or can be privately hosted on a
customer’s server.

How IGAN Works

IGAN (Incident Global Area Network) seamlessly streams all relevant video and audio into a single web (or mobile app) interface.  It is designed to work as a common interface for daily operations, or can scale up to support hundreds of participants from separate organizations during an emergency.

The IGAN hosting architecture is offered two ways: 

  • CYTTA CLOUD where we manage (but do not store) daily operations 

  • CUSTOMER HOSTED where we provide you with a stand-alone server fully integrated with IGAN software, or we can install on an existing server within your network. IGAN can also be installed in a mobile command vehicle making it a completely mobile solution ideal for remote incident communications.


“IGAN allows us to place mental health experts right
there in the field with law enforcement officers.”


Drone/UAS Video Collaboration

One unique tool for video collaboration includes the integration of video feeds from unmanned operations.  IGAN makes it simple to upload a video feed in real-time. It then allows remote participants to not only see real-time remote aerial video, but to guide flight video instruction such as video zoom on a target or area of inspection.

IGAN Advantages

  • “Unified Communications” system for sharing video + voice using advanced compression and SIP technologies.
  • Simple to use.  No client app just web browser to join.
  • Flexibility. Add any video device, 2-way radio, etc.
  • Secure. FIPS 140-2 and CJIS compliant.

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