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Stay informed with the latest developments regarding our CYTTACARES (Crisis Alert and Response Emergency System), CYTTACOMMS command systems, and CYTTACOMP, AI-Powered Compresssion Technology, that will assist your secure communication and real time intelligence needs whether you are a first responder team, educational institution or a commercial company. 

Cytta Corp. Investor Business Update: Insights from CEO Gary Campbell

The update provided valuable insights for investors, highlighting the strong momentum behind Cytta Corp.’s business and the growing demand for its innovative drone technology solutions. With a clear strategy and a commitment to transparency, Cytta Corp. continues to establish itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving drone industry.

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CyttaCOMMS/IGAN: The Heartbeat of Modern Policing with American Drones

The transition to American-made drones, supported by secure and adaptable systems like CyttaCOMMS/IGAN, marks a significant evolution in law enforcement capabilities. In a world where technological superiority is closely linked to operational success, ensuring secure, reliable, and effective incident command capabilities is more critical than ever. As this trend continues, CyttaCOMMS/IGAN stands ready to power the next generation of law enforcement operations, safeguarding communities while protecting the integrity of operational data.

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Safeguarding National Interests: The Role of Secure-by-Design UAS Systems

The integration of CyttaCOMMS/IGAN with state and federal standards represents a strategic milestone in the pursuit of secure and efficient drone operations. By aligning its technology with the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies, Cytta Corp not only enhances the security landscape of UAS but also paves the way for broader adoption and acceptance of drone technology across various sectors. As we look to the future, the importance of such compliance will only grow, underscoring the need for innovative solutions like CyttaCOMMS/IGAN that can navigate the complex interplay of technology and regulation.

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Harnessing Drone Technology Safely: A Cybersecurity Imperative

The advancement of drone technology introduces complex cybersecurity challenges.

Cytta Corp’s white paper outlines strategic solutions to secure drones against cyber threats.

Secure-by-design systems and compliance with government standards are essential for safe drone operations.

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Unveiling Cytta Corp’s 2024 Law Enforcement Outreach: A Tech-Driven Marketing Campaign

Cytta Corp is excited to announce the launch of its dynamic 2024 marketing campaign, specifically tailored to connect with our valued customers in the law enforcement sector. Building on our momentum from last year’s multiple awards for our flagship products, IGAN and CyttaCARES, we are stepping into this year with a focused and innovative approach to reach out to law enforcement agencies.

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