Cytta Corporation


Power, Oil & Gas, Water, and Critical Infrastructure auditing, maintenance, and response with real-time live communications to personnel on site represents a dramatic cost savings while improving results.

Cytta provides utility companies with the ability to stream realtime video from their high-precision,
remote sensing technologies (drones/sUAS). Cytta’s IGAN platform allows management personnel to
virtually participate from anywhere and view their utility/infrastructure assets in real time.
It gives an unprecedented opportunity to assist with streamlining audits, decisions, resource planning,
and operational priorities. By participating remotely on our real-time video communications platform,
utility managers can see what is happening in the field and provide instant guidance or direction from anywhere.


Our technology assists any power utility in reviewing and managing critical infrastructure, while significantly reducing costs and more effectively managing risk. Cytta’s IGAN and SUPR create the ability to identify potential power transmission problems and liabilities effectively and efficiently in realtime. Utilities can now manage assets through real-time concurrent auditing of multiple sites providing immeasurable benefits to the utility and society.


Drones are introducing efficiencies and helping decrease costs in the management of all bodies of water. An operator can now stream high resolution video and identify potential problems while sharing those images in real-time with decision makers in an HQ observation facility. SUPR and IGAN are game-changing solutions, which as a core utility evaluation and communications system, allows for faster decisions and response resolution than ever before possible. Evaluating rivers, lakes, oceans pipelines, sewage, drainage channels, and other critical water infrastructure – even with remote and automated systems – can enhance environmental activities while improving operational responses.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas producers have multiple responsibilities, from detecting leaks to meeting environmental regulations, maintaining site security and system integrity. IGAN and SUPR deliver the ability for remote response to evaluate these issues protecting the environment, while saving time and costs of getting personnel on site. A person viewing high resolution video remotely (via drone, smartphone, or thermal imaging camera – transmitted over cellular or satellite) allows realtime identification of problems, issues and solutions.


Most land-cargo is sent by rail, a piece of critical infrastructure. Maintaining these lines should be easy and seamless.

Solar Farms

Remote monitoring massive solar farms improves response rate to problems, reducing repair cost and driving more revenue.

Wind Farms

On land or in the ocean, wind farms have massive blades and motors that require constant monitoring, which costs a fortune.

Critical Infrastructure

Reviewing drone audits in real-time of bridges, highways, and municipal structures

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