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Texas Covid Vaccination Program Utilizing IGAN Screens on the YouTube Cytta Show

Texas Covid Vaccination Program Utilizing IGAN Screens on the YouTube Cytta Show

Las Vegas, NV March 3rd, 2021 – Cytta Corp (OTCPINK: CYCA) We at Cytta are pleased and proud to be providing our IGAN incident command technology to assist in keeping Americans safe during this unprecedented public health crisis. This weeks’ Cytta Show features utilization of Cytta’s IGAN incident command system by multiple public safety agencies in Texas live streaming from the field, while coordinating a covid vaccination program for up to 10,000 people a day. This second episode of the “Cytta Show” has been posted on our YouTube channel for general distribution at Cytta Video Channel on YouTube .

We believe it interesting and appropriate to share one of the After-Action Reports (AAR’s) prepared by the Public Safety Coordinator utilizing Cytta’s IGAN technology to coordinate a massive vaccination program at the Texas Motor Speedway. This report allows us to share a very clear representation of the quality, insight and thoughtfulness of our Public Safety Team members.

“Cytta Corp. After Action Report”

Incident: North Texas COVID Mass Vaccination Site
Location: Texas Motor Speedway
Date: February 2nd, 4th, and 5th, 2021


On February 2nd, 4th and 5th, 2021 Denton County Texas, along with the Texas Department of Emergency Management, Texas Department of Health and the other state and national health authorities, teamed to manage the largest drive-thru vaccination clinics in Texas, and likely the country.

The event consisted of an estimated 400 police, fire, medical crews, and volunteers who guided those with appointments through 16 lanes at an astonishing rate of 1,000 per hour. Most recipients were in and out within 30 minutes. It quickly became the model for the nation.

Situational Awareness:

The North Texas Public Safety Unmanned Response Team (PSURT) was tasked with providing Situational Awareness (SA) to Denton County Office of Emergency Management, Texas Motor Speedway, the Texas Emergency Operations Center, through the use of UAS flights in order to aid in Decision Making and Problem Solving.

North Texas PSURT is a multi-jurisdictional UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System/drone) team, consisting of members from police, fire and emergency management from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. PSURT utilized Cytta Corp’s IGAN Incident Command System Command and Control box as the sole Situational Awareness and unified comms platform to keep all parties apprised of the events progress.

Operational Management:

Operational management consisted of complex traffic direction, patient check-in, medical screening, inoculation, medical observation, as well as the ancillary tasks to place personnel where they needed to be, and when they needed to be there. All parts of the operation were in place by 0730 Hrs each day, with the site opening early all three days.

The entire event was monitored through the use of several UAS drone platforms (primarily DJI and Autel) and streamed by Cytta’s IGAN Incident Command System providing unified video and audio communications.

UAS/Situational Awareness:

Operations began flying at approximately 0745 Hrs and flew continuously until approximately 1645 Hrs each day.

IGAN Incident Command System (ICS):

Pros: Cytta’s IGAN provided outstanding Situational Awareness and versatility. The system was activated and instantly began streaming at the beginning of drone flight operations and operated continuously for over 9 hours straight each day. The system was unphased through the various UAS changeovers that were approximately 20 to 25 minutes apart. Regardless of that brand of UAS, wireless application, or other situation IGAN was presented with, it continued to work with zero interruptions in approximately 28 hours of operations.

Although the event was exceptionally well planned, unforeseen situations did occur. Lost drivers caused minor traffic flow issues on several occasions. Through the use of IGAN, all parties involved could witness, understand and provide a quick response as the issues arose. The Traffic Officer from the Midlothian Texas Police Department stated, “Before the traffic unit had a chance to see and report the issue, Event Command had already observed the problem and was calling them to provide a resolution.”

Cons: None noted

Final Thoughts:

Cytta’s IGAN ICS unified communications system truly set itself apart as the only Incident Command System at this event and proved its worth over and over. The instant Situational Awareness it provided, coupled with the ability to have instant two-way audio and video communications through any application, was truly noteworthy.”

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Cytta Corp products work in size, weight, and power-constrained (SWaP) operating environments, and evolved through use in the military by meeting the need to stream multiple HD, 4K, and 4K+ video feeds with ultra-low latency, bandwidth, and power consumption. Cytta is taking this streaming, storage, and transfer technology to enterprises that would like to send omnidirectional more high-quality videos with fewer resources. Cytta manufactures all their products in the USA.

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