Cytta Corporation

CYTTACOMP’s proprietary, AI powered secure video compression technology offers superior streaming in HD/4K/8K compared to common open standard codecs

CYTTACOMP is an entirely unique, ground-up design for video compression that is vastly different from
MPEG-based codecs. CYTTACOMP performs exceptionally well in bandwidth-challenged environments
where other video compression solutions cannot operate or do so poorly.

Enabling Persistent ISR

CYTTACOMP delivers video streaming for airborne ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) applications including environments where video streams are transmitted beyond line-of-sight. By utilizing a CYTTACOMP-enabled encoder onboard an aircraft, video can be securely streamed in high definition to a CYTTACOMP-enabled decoder.

CYTTACOMP Delivers Exceptional Performance

Compared to MPEG-based video compression solutions,
CYTTACOMP offers the following technological advantages:

  • Most efficient video CODEC in the world
  • Clear and superior imagery in lower bandwidths
  • Lossless video stream
  • Lowest video latency
  • non-hackable proprietary stream
  • No blocking artifacts and pixelation issues like H.264/5 alternatives
  • Processor efficient (2% of calculations per pixel vs. open standards)
  • Runs cooler due to less processor-intense operation

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