Cytta Corporation


Cytta’s technology enables high-definition (1080p/4K) streaming in non-line-of-sight
environments where it was previously not possible. 

Cytta’s revolutionary SUPR Stream video codec is a dramatic improvement over traditional MPEG-based
technologies [H.264/H.265 (HEVC)] – enabling high quality video where it was never previously possible. By
placing a SUPR enabled encoder at the video camera side, the ability to stream HD, 4K and higher
resolution videos over low bandwidths is possible.


A key element to mission success is the dependence upon ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) video for mission critical decisions and operational decision-making. However, today’s systems lack the support of high-definition video or simply cannot operate in low bandwidth satellite scenarios. Our SUPR is available in a 0.5-LB package and changes the ISR game. Streaming high-definition (HD/4K+) in non-line-of-sight environments at ultra-low bandwidths is now possible.

Additionally, Cytta’s IGAN Incident Command system allows for secure collaboration between forward and base operations. The concept of communicating over a secure communications link utilizing voice and video is a next generation concept that Cytta’s IGAN enables today.


The transmission of HD video in remote or temporary locations can require a large bandwidth pipe. with satellite, that means paying by the KB for bandwidth. SUPR is a cost-saving solution allowing for HD/4K streaming. Contact us to experience SUPR’s ultra-low bandwidth and other capabilities demo.

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