Cytta Corporation


Cytta’s CyttaComp compression technology (sourced through our technological licensee Reticulate Micro) enables high-definition (1080p/4K) streaming in non-line-of-sight

environments where it was previously not possible.

This revolutionary CyttaComp video codec technology is a dramatic improvement over traditional MPEG-based technologies [H.264/H.265 (HEVC)] – enabling high quality video where it was never previously possible.


By placing a CyttaComp enabled encoder at the video camera side, the ability to stream HD, 4K and higher resolution videos over low bandwidths is possible.



A key element to mission success is the dependence upon ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) video for mission critical decisions and operational decision-making. However, today’s systems lack the support of high-definition video or simply cannot operate in low bandwidth satellite scenarios.


Our CYTTACOMP is available in a 0.5-LB package and changes the ISR game. Streaming high-definition (HD/4K+) in non-line-of-sight environments at ultra-low bandwidths is now possible.



Additionally, Cytta’s CyttaComms Incident Command system (with soon to be introduced ATAK capability) allows for secure collaboration between forward and base operations. The concept of communicating over a secure communications link utilizing voice and video is a next generation concept that Cytta’s CyttaComms enables today.


The transmission of HD video in remote or temporary locations can require a large bandwidth pipe. with satellite, that means paying by the KB for bandwidth. 


CyttaComp is a cost-saving solution allowing for HD/4K streaming. Contact us to experience CyttaComp’s ultra-low bandwidth and other capabilities demo.

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