Cytta Corporation


Working to save our precious resources requires visibility into remote areas
allowing for a rapid and proper response.

The use of drones and remote sensors in the environmental service industries is evolving rapidly. Their
utilization creates the need for real-time bidirectional communications with superior resolution that is fast becoming a necessary service element.


Onsite video (CYTTACOMMS) and the utilization of high-resolution sensors.  (CYTTACOMP) allows rapid evaluation and response to waste violations, surveillance, illegal dumping, and an evaluation of the impact that each of these has on our critical natural resources.

Monitoring & Tracking

The ability to monitor and track leaks, spillage, or flood waters in real-time is a new concept and can dictate the difference between environmental catastrophe or quick resolution and repair. CYTTACOMMS places eyes on areas under observation by allowing for a rapid response from the appropriate authority or engineering resource, while CYTTACOMP allows the application of realtime high resolution data examination.

Regulation Management

In order to coordinate a response to individuals who violate perimeters, impact wildlife or natural resources, and violate environmental safeguards, it’s critical to be able to identify violations and get support in the dispatch of authorities. By implementing an CYTTACOMMS with CYTTACOMP capabilities, field personnel can all communicate and share relevant video back to headquarters.

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