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Cytta Corp. Notches First Sale of SUPR™ Compression Systems to British Military

Cytta Corp. Notches First Sale of SUPR™ Compression Systems to British Military

Las Vegas, NV, June 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Las Vegas NV, June 11th, 2019 –Cytta Corp (OTCPINK: CYCA), announces that the first major sale of their SUPR™ compression technology system and advanced service package was completed in January 2019 to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MOD). Representatives of the Client attended in the USA to accept delivery of the two Cytta reference systems and complete the training program emphasizing and expanding upon the incredible capabilities of our technology.


Since then, the UK MOD has now successfully completed rigorous development testing, evaluation and demonstrations to identify the exact configurations required to be provided in all new situations to fulfill their operational requirements. We have been advised that the Cytta systems met and/or exceeded their requirements in multiple immediate use cases and are working towards configuring/assembling the newly required systems. 


The Cytta development team has worked extensively with our British Five Eyes counterparts throughout the passing months to ensure the UK group was supported in all their demonstrations of the SUPR™ technology capabilities. The demonstrations were designed to identify the multiple use case scenarios where Cytta systems could be incorporated into immediate operational situations requiring additional and modified configurations of the SUPR™ System.


Our Clients are now expanding their evaluation of capabilities beyond HD, by incorporating a 4K camera for testing quality as well color space retention with the Cytta system. This configuration will represent a significant technological leap forward for our Clients capabilities, since without SUPR™, 4K was not even thought to be possible in ultra low bandwidth over small Satellite links.


The new Cytta sales, integration and service team will be attending in the UK before the end of the month and meeting with the UK MOD among others, to ascertain the exact specifications of the additional systems required by this Client and the other related potential clients who have also been introduced to our technology. Our new sales team anticipates receiving orders for delivery multiple additional systems to these Clients throughout next few years.


About Cytta Corp


Cytta Corp. is in the business of imagineering, developing and securing disruptive technologies. Specifically, Cytta Corp. has acquired, developed, integrated and is now marketing its proprietary SUPR™ Video/Image compression technology to the military, first responder and high end commercial markets.  Utilizing its SUPR™ Video/Image compression technology, Cytta has finished the design, build and integration of the SUPR™ compression technology into its first operational product a Live 4K Streaming sUAS Drone and has completed the preliminary demonstrations and product client sales of the proprietary codec based system.


In addition to the revolutionary Video/Image Compression technology, Cytta also incorporates technologies in the Remote Medical Monitoring, Smartphone, and Mobile Broadband market segments. Cytta has developed and built out the EvrCare™ platform to address the market need for a complete and comprehensive telecom-based monitoring, evaluation and interpretation solution to manage a wide range of biometric data, including ECGs, within military, consumer, wellness and healthcare markets.


Complementing these capabilities, Cytta’s new Wi-VHF broadband technology, gives us the capability of moving broadband signals in a significantly more efficient manner than other broadband technologies. This Wi-VHF technology extends the range and capabilities of how information is delivered throughout the world. Ultimately our technologies are all capable of interfacing to create a new communications paradigm. Check out the Company information and trading prices listed OTC Markets ‘OTC Link’ Alternative Trading System, (OTCPINK: CYCA) or the Company’s website


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