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We at Cytta Corp are passionate about developing and distributing our proprietary technology that
radically shifts how video is streamed, consumed, transferred and stored. We have created advanced video
compression, video/audio collaboration software, and portable hardware systems that solve real world
problems in large markets. We want our products to enable and empower the world to consume higher
quality video anywhere and anytime. Our ultimate goal is to deliver such high-quality video that it is not
discernible from reality with the naked eye, or create ‘Reality Delivered’.

Gary Campbell

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO Gary Campbell previously led the development of Cytta’s proprietary Doctor Direct remote patient monitoring technology. Formerly, as  Rocketinfo CEO he introduced online instant news delivery technology to the news industry. Earlier as Screenphone CEO, he partnered with Samsung to connect medical peripherals to their internet appliance, creating the world’s first web-based remote medical monitoring system. He was also part of the team that created the first prepaid cellular phone, the TRACFONE, and connected cellular rental system. Mr. Campbell has both Law and Business degrees.

Michael Collins

Chief Visionary Officer

Michael Collins leads the Cytta SUPR Compression and IGAN Fusion design and implementation teams. He works directly with the team of software engineers responsible for all updates and revisions to the products and their underlying algorithms. As Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Collins brings over 20 years of experience in developing, designing and operating digital imaging, network, and telecommunications companies. 

Michael Chermak

Chief Administrative Officer

As Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Chermak brings nearly 40 years of global experience in healthcare related ventures to Cytta. As an experienced entrepreneur, he has founded and successfully exited multiple companies. Mr. Chermak also has 20 years of public company experience on OTC and NASDAQ exchanges as an officer and as a director. He has helped raise over $200 million for companies where he has held leadership positions. Mr. Chermak graduated from the University of New Mexico, Anderson School of Management.

Erik Stephansen


Erik Stephansen serves as President at Cytta and is a telecommunications strategist and key architect of the Cytta Connect remote monitoring IOT/Could ecosystem. He is responsible for the development and integration of several Cytta technologies that enrich the end user mobile experience. Previously, Mr. Stephansen worked in Private Equity for over ten years advising buyers on technology integration for the Castle Crow & Company. He has also consulted for Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, Microsoft, Ciber, and Panda Restaurant Group.

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Boost your real-time decision making.

Learn the difference between having a slow, poor resolution disconnected communications platform to benefiting from the advantage of SUPR ISR high resolution streaming capability paired with high quality ICS from the IGAN Fusion platform where valuable data can be viewed and heard in real-time to aid in strategic, onsite decisions.