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Cytta Corp is a leading technology solutions provider dedicated to delivering innovative products and services across various industries and revolutionizes the integration, streaming, transfer, and storage of video and audio data. With a focus on safety, security, and efficiency, Cytta Corp strives to develop cutting-edge solutions that address real-world challenges in large markets.

Gary Campbell

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Our CEO Gary Campbell has 30+ years’ experience with paradigm shifting technology public companies. Mr. Campbell introduced the technology behind all modern chip-based Point of Sale (POS) credit card terminals; developed proprietary cellular chip technology the basis of the modern TracFone; led the introduction of bot-based instant news delivery technology; and introduced remote medical peripheral monitoring technology with Samsung’s Anyweb internet appliance. Mr. Campbell has degrees in Law and Commerce from the University of British Columbia

Natalia Sokolova


Ms. Sokolova has driven critical initiatives for over 20 years in the domains of global entrepreneurship and strategic growth and innovation. Ms. Sokolova has been an active Advisor, Investor, and occasional Officer of Cytta for over 9 years. She is an industry thought leader and a frequent speaker at many prestigious Family Office, Equity Investment, and Digital Assets conferences. For the past 9 years, she had been an active investor and advisor to several early-stage technology ventures. Ms. Sokolova has International Business and Finance degrees (Magna Cum Laude) from the University of Maryland.

Gary R. Brown

Sr. VP Product and Technology

Mr. Brown has high level skills in key account management, business development, contract negotiations, technology development and product launch. Mr. Brown has extensive experience in wireless networks, M2M applications, IP networks and technology initiatives. Mr. Brown created Cytta’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) status with AT&T and brought both Oracle and Verizon as partners. Mr. Brown has had senior executive positions with Northern Telecom, Nortel Networks, Terabridge/NewBridge, Tekelec/Oracle, and Verizon Wireless. Mr. Brown has a B.S., in Systems Engineering.

Erik Stephansen

President and Director

Mr. Stephansen is a UAV/drone and aviation engineering management executive and test pilot. Currently he is Director, VP of Regulatory Affairs and Aeronautics with RYSE Aero Technologies. Formerly, CEO Lam Aviation, he is responsible for the development and integration of several Cytta technologies that enrich the end user mobile experience. Previously, Mr. Stephansen worked in Private Equity for over ten years advising buyers on technology integration for the Castle Crow & Co. *Mr. Stephanson is on sabbatical.

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